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News Release Norm Bossert SD42

NCAE Endorses Norm Bossert for N.C. Senate District 48 Seat

 RALEIGH, N.C. – The North Carolina Association of Educators has endorsed Norm Bossert for the Senate District 48 seat in the General Assembly. Bossert would represent Buncombe, Henderson, and Transylvania counties.

A career educator, Bossert’s tenure in the profession spanned 44 years. He was a teacher as well as an administrator. He knows firsthand the struggles those in the profession have faced and has pledged to return the respect he feels is lacking. As part of his education platform, he has also committed to: restoring career status, restoring increased pay for advanced degrees, ending vouchers, increasing the number of social workers and counselors in schools, and increasing the per-pupil expenditure.

He is also determined to make sure citizens are paid a living wage, that health care is a fundamental right, that Medicaid is expanded, and that the environment is protected.

“Candidate Norm Bossert is a well-respected retired administrator and educator in the Buncombe County Schools who every day proves that he is qualified and committed to the mission of our profession,” said Paula Dinga, president of the Buncombe County Association of Educators. “He has a solid command of the issues that concern public education and our profession because he has experienced it firsthand. His passion is clear to the families our schools serve, and he can articulate with undeniable credibility how to pave a clear path toward success.”

NCAE’s focus is to support candidates who can help fully restore education funding to North Carolina’s public schools and move the state forward. The Association’s 2018 Legislative Agenda puts priorities on retaining and recruiting quality educators, increasing per-pupil expenditures (39th in the nation) and funding for textbooks, restoring teacher assistant positions, eliminating additional funding for private school vouchers, and providing professional compensation for all educators (37th in the nation).

NCAE is the state’s largest education advocacy organization for public school employees, and represents active, retired, and student members.

From Meg:  Please note that Norm Bossert is in Senate District *48* instead of 42, as the letter states.