Where I Stand

  • People should be paid a living wage
  • Healthcare is a fundamental right
  • Medicaid should be expanded
  • Schools are the heart of our community
  • We need to protect our environment

Norm Bossert taught children for 44 years.  He taught children who were learning disabled, military dependents in Europe, and Middle Schoolers right here in WNC.  As a principal, he cared not just about the children, but their families and the communities they lived in.  Throughout his life, Norm has worked in the political arena as an advocate for families and has served in political positions, striving to make life better for everyone – because we all need good quality schools, access to affordable healthcare, and solid jobs with a decent wage.  Norm has seen how destructive and divisive the NC Legislature has become and is determined to be a voice of reason for the people of WNC.