Courage and Justice

Over 15,000 people in NC were raped, had the courage to step forward, report the assault, and undergo evidence collection, only to have their rape kit sit on a shelf, untested, while their rapist roams free.  The Attorney General requested funds to test these kits and move forward on finding and prosecuting the criminals, but the Republicans refused to invest money in Justice.  They think giving tax cuts to the wealthy is more important than getting violent criminals in court and off the streets.  Time for that to CHANGE!

Untested Rape Kits

We have over 15,000 rape kits that are waiting to be tested.  That means we have thousands of women who are being denied justice.  Through this budget that Chuck Edwards approved, we have been told that justice for women isn’t as important as giving tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporate interests. We can do something about that.   Justice delayed is Justice denied and we have to fix that in North Carolina.

Rape Kits

In North Carolina there are 15,000 untested rape kits. I'll fight to test these rape kits from victims, and create safer communities. If you care, share this post.

Posted by Norm Bossert on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What Teachers Need – Not Just More Pay

When I talk to teachers, it’s not that they DON’T want better pay, but what they really want are the tools they need to do their best jobs the best way they can. Those teachers are far more concerned with having enough materials, having enough counselors, social workers, and support services in the school.  That’s what teachers want.

Teacher Pay

Teachers in North Carolina are paid below the national average — in fact, our state ranks 37th. Our teachers and students deserve more. I'll fight to increase teacher pay and keep our best educators in North Carolina. If you care, share this post.

Posted by Norm Bossert on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

State Budgets

We have a State General Assembly today that doesn’t seem to care very much about the needs of ordinary people.  Chuck Edwards supported corporate tax breaks while cutting funding for our schools.

State Budgets

We know what Chuck Edwards values when he voted for corporate tax breaks over funding our kids' schools. If elected, I will put our children's education first because that's what I value. If you care share this post.

Posted by Norm Bossert on Monday, October 8, 2018

Norm endorsed by The North Carolina Association of Educators



News Release Norm Bossert SD42

NCAE Endorses Norm Bossert for N.C. Senate District 48 Seat

 RALEIGH, N.C. – The North Carolina Association of Educators has endorsed Norm Bossert for the Senate District 48 seat in the General Assembly. Bossert would represent Buncombe, Henderson, and Transylvania counties.

A career educator, Bossert’s tenure in the profession spanned 44 years. He was a teacher as well as an administrator. He knows firsthand the struggles those in the profession have faced and has pledged to return the respect he feels is lacking. As part of his education platform, he has also committed to: restoring career status, restoring increased pay for advanced degrees, ending vouchers, increasing the number of social workers and counselors in schools, and increasing the per-pupil expenditure.

He is also determined to make sure citizens are paid a living wage, that health care is a fundamental right, that Medicaid is expanded, and that the environment is protected.

“Candidate Norm Bossert is a well-respected retired administrator and educator in the Buncombe County Schools who every day proves that he is qualified and committed to the mission of our profession,” said Paula Dinga, president of the Buncombe County Association of Educators. “He has a solid command of the issues that concern public education and our profession because he has experienced it firsthand. His passion is clear to the families our schools serve, and he can articulate with undeniable credibility how to pave a clear path toward success.”

NCAE’s focus is to support candidates who can help fully restore education funding to North Carolina’s public schools and move the state forward. The Association’s 2018 Legislative Agenda puts priorities on retaining and recruiting quality educators, increasing per-pupil expenditures (39th in the nation) and funding for textbooks, restoring teacher assistant positions, eliminating additional funding for private school vouchers, and providing professional compensation for all educators (37th in the nation).

NCAE is the state’s largest education advocacy organization for public school employees, and represents active, retired, and student members.

From Meg:  Please note that Norm Bossert is in Senate District *48* instead of 42, as the letter states.

The Six Amendments (Part One)

Six Amendments to the North Carolina Constitution

It has become the custom of the Republican led General Assembly to run up to an election with some sort of an amendment or law that will, they hope, excite their conservative base and get them out to vote. These amendments are divisive. They distract us from issues like the expansion of Medicaid and the underfunding of the children in our schools.

This year they have out done themselves. They have written six amendments. A potpourri, if you will, of both relatively innocuous matters to others that threaten the future economic health of our state, access to the voting booth, and diminish the role of this and future governors.

One such amendment would seem to be the most innocuous. Republicans would like to codify, in the Constitution of North Carolina, the right of people to hunt and fish. No one in the Democratic Party, no Progressive I have ever met (and I have met a bunch) has ever proposed any legislation to threaten a person’s right to hunt and fish in North Carolina.

Republicans know this to be a fact. So, what is their purpose? Are they really interested in protecting hunters and fishermen? The General Assembly’s goal isn’t to protect anything. It is to instill that which drives much of their agenda; fear. It is a campaign strategy that has worked well for them. It must not be allowed to succeed. The stakes are too high!

For any conservatives reading this statement, I can promise you that when elected, I will do nothing that will in any way diminish your right to hunt and fish. Nor will I work to get rid of current licensure and permit requirements that govern hunting and fishing and which exist to preserve our forests and protect our waterways from over harvesting of aquatic and land based animal life.

Now that that is settled, vote as you will on this amendment. After you do, when I serve as your Senator, I will work to improve access to health care, fully invest in our children, and build an economy that lifts all of us.